Hello world!

Hello World, Haha so know we get to Blog!!!! Hi as well my name is Michael Green.  I am a Sophomore at CCD and am getting ready to Transfer to Metro State after the year is over.  At Metro I am planning on working towards a journalism degree.  I moved to Denver 2 years ago from Leadville Colorado.  Thats right the top of the world. The elevation in Leadville is a 10,200 ft. above sea level.  Yes us people from there have never had any oxygen so my brain never fully developed.  I am just messing.  Growing up I played Football and Baseball and actually made it to Single A before busting up my ankel, but once again that is life and I had to move on.  For 8 years I worked in Vail as an Electrician under my brother. I got sick of the construction work so I moved to Denver to further my education.  Anyway I will post more about myself, but have a great day stay warm and becareful driving.